Right Provider -Right Support -Gets you succeeded and achieve your goals

Harara for disability care services will work with you to ensure the services and supports you choose are meet your individual needs. We will ensure you can achieve your goals and enjoy improved health, well being, and quality of life.

People with Disabilities can a achieve their goals in many ways:

  • For people with disabilities they need to learn self-advocacy skills and Harara for disability services can assist you to meet these needs.
  • No One achieves success a lone. We can and able to give you a hand to go with you step by step to achieve your success.
Helping to Disability People

We work with you to find the right worker and service

We help our participants to find a Support Worker who shares their interests and suits their needs.
Before choosing a Support Worker, we encourage our participants to identify the experts and skills they require in a carer and then help them with finding someone who is the right match for them.

We support our participants to recruit an expert carer by:

  • placing advertisements for the position
  • receiving applications and conducting interviews
  • facilitating the induction and onboarding process
  • understanding your needs and how best to work with you
Work With Disability Human

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) & YOU

Developing your First Plan

Your first plan is your entry point to The NDIS and the start of your relationship with the Scheme. Your first plan will identify the reasonable and necessary supports you require to meet your immediate needs and start to identify and achieve your goals and to understand the currently funded supports a person with disability receives and identify any significant gaps within the 12-months time frame of the first plan.

Participants who already have an NDIS Plan

If you already have your NDIS Plan and would like to find out more about Harara for Disability Care Services in your area, please contact our Care support team on 02-96455875,0401155392 or email:ahcare.services@outlook.com

Clients eligible for NDIS funding

Eligible clients will receive individual funding to support their plan. As well as choosing the services, clients can also decide when, where and how they receive them.
As an approved NDIS service provider, Harara for Disability Care Services looks forward to supporting clients through the transition and ongoing, so they can lead fulfilling lives.

We work with you to find the right worker and service