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#1 Known Disability Service Providers Near Austral

Harara for Disability Care Services is an expert disability care provider for the Austral community. We are a well known NDIS service provider and have helped many participants get approved for the NDIS. If you have a disability, we can help you live in a safe and comfortable environment in your own home.


Our Mission

At Harara for Disability Care Services, we are dedicated to creating a secure environment to help those with disabilities to live in their own Austral property. We strive to make sure that participants are approved for the NDIS and that they have access to the best disability care services available. As reputed disability care providers in Austral, we are fully committed to providing the highest quality of care for those with a disability.

Assistance With Personal Activities

Do you find it difficult to carry out personal activities such as grooming, hygiene and dressing? Don’t worry because our disability care services can help. Our trained professionals can assist with these tasks to help you stay looking and feeling your best. We understand that it can be difficult to carry out these activities, so we provide a respectful and supportive environment to ensure your comfort.

Helping to Disability People

Assistance With Social And Community Participation

Having a disability can make it difficult to participate in social activities or go out into the community. However, with our expert disability care services, you will receive assistance to help you take part in social activities and get about in Austral. We can provide support to help you attend group activities, meetings, and classes or spend quality time with friends and family.

Assistance To Do Household Tasks

Do you require assistance with household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and other similar chores? Harara for Disability Care Services can provide the right support to help you with these tasks. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced, so you can rest assured that all tasks will be completed to a high standard.

Assistance With Food Preparation and Meals

Do you need help with food preparation or meals? Our disability care services can assist with this too. We understand that it can be difficult to prepare and cook meals so we can provide a helping hand. We can prepare meals for you and help you to understand the best nutritional choices for your health and well-being. Our carers go above and beyond to provide you with the best service and take pride in our reputation as one of the leading disability care providers in Austral.

Support with Health and Fitness

In addition to helping with your daily tasks including food preparation and meals, our disability care services can offer health and fitness support. This can involve anything from helping you to create a healthy eating plan and or to developing an exercise plan and providing encouragement to keep you motivated. We can also help you to access health services, including doctor and specialist appointments.

Assistance Getting to Appointments or Assistance with Transport

Do you need help getting to appointments or with transport? Harara for Disability Care Services can provide transport to and from appointments or support to help you get around on public transport. All our transport is safe and reliable, so you can be sure of getting to your destination on time.

Contact Us Today

So if you are looking for the leading disability service provider near the Austral region, please contact our friendly staff on 0401 155 392 or email ahcare.services@outlook.com.

We provide various disability care services, including personal care, domestic assistance, respite care and social support. We can tailor our services to meet your individual needs and preferences and provide support in your home or community. Our team of experienced and qualified disability carers are dedicated to providing high-quality care and support.

We’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible service in the Austral region.