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The Most Trustworthy Disability Support Services in Camden - Visit Harara for Disability Care Services

Look no further if you are tired of searching for disability support services in Camden. With decades of experience, Harara disability care services are here to bring your life back on track. If you are surviving with a disability, we promise to minimise the stress it puts on you and the people around you. Contact us today for NDIS-backed support services that you need and deserve.


Reliable Disability Support Service in Camden

We have a set goal of helping the people of Camden in need as much as we can. Disability shouldn’t take away everything you do and enjoy. Our disability support services in Camden ensure you can keep doing things you like. Be it by providing assistance in your home or Moving you into a welcoming, caring residence of our providing. We provide long-term and short-term disability support services for Camden and its people.

Supported Independent Living

Get professional disability support services in Camden right inside your house. Supported Independent Living allows you to live on your terms while getting assisted with various activities. The SIL is the perfect long-term solution for people struggling with profound disabilities.

Helping to Disability People

  • Daily Care
  • Our staff will assist you with daily tasks like basic hygiene, grooming, cleaning, etc. Get help dressing up and getting ready for any occasion.

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Get full assistance cooking healthy meals throughout the day. Our workers will ensure you get your medications, supplements, etc., on time.

  • Fitness & Health
  • Disabilities can compromise your health and fitness. Both physically and mentally. Our professionals will help you stay healthy and fit through appropriate exercises and activities.

  • Transport & Outings

  • Whether it is for your office or college, you will get complete assistance when travelling. Specific disabilities make it extremely inconvenient to take public transport. Now you will have someone to rely on when going from one place to another.

    Short-term Accommodation

    At Harara for Disability Care Services, we understand that people with disabilities might need short-term accommodation now and then. And that’s precisely why we’re bringing short-term accommodation plans under our disability support services in Camden. With this option, you can stay at our place for a short or long period, depending on your needs. Our staff will assist you with food, medication and personal care during your stay. Not only that, but you’ll also be sharing rooms with other people and participating in various activities throughout the day.


  • Recreational Activities

  • Our caretakers will take you out on group outings that are fun and uplifting. Things get better as you know your housemates more and have fun together. Parks visits, movies, games, etc., are done under the caretaker’s supervision.

  • Personal Care

  • The caretaker will handle every aspect of your care. It includes dressing, haircuts, grooming, cleaning, etc. More importantly, they take complete care of food and nutrition.

  • Social Exposure

  • Various activities and outings will help you socialise with new people and have a more positive mindset. You will make new social circles to help you learn and grow into a new person. A physical disability doesn’t have to be a mental block as well.

    Approved NDIS Providers

    Our disability support services in Camden are funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and we have all the licenses and approvals. Get life-altering support and assistance without worrying about expenses.