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Licensed Disability Services in Parramatta - Come To Harara for Disability Care Services

Paramatta is one of the many regions where we extend our disability services to. Our welcoming hands are open for everyone in Paramatta dealing with a disability. Contact us if you do not want to handle the physical and emotional toll that comes with a disability. Let our professionals help you with your daily tasks, long-term jobs, and studies.


Unconditional Support For The People Of Paramatta

We at Harara disability care services are among the most prominent disability service providers in Paramatta and many other regions. Our support is always here for you and the people you love. It doesn’t matter what disability one is struggling with. Our mission is to make life easier for the needy and everyone. We help you connect with caretakers who have dedicated their lives to helping people in need.

Kind And Caring Staff

Everyone needs love, but people struggling with a disability need it even more. The last thing they’d want is to feel alone. Our support workers are full of kindness and compassion for everyone. You can count on them to treat you as their own family. They have also spent years in this field, caring for people with all kinds of shortcomings. Every individual is trained and capable of helping you overcome any physical limitation you face.

Daily Life Emotional & Physical Support


Disabilities hinder the simplest of daily activities. We understand it and have been providing disability services in Paramatta for years. From tying a tie to preparing a meal, we will help you with everything.

  • Help You Get Back To Work:
  • We will help you if your disability has left you unable to gather the mental and physical strength required to get back to work. You will have mental and physical support for every appointment or meeting.

  • Assistance In Studies
  • Not just work, we can help you get back to your regular school or college schedule. As the leading disability service provider in Parramatta, we promise your studies won’t suffer anymore.

  • Socialising & Maintaining Bonds
  • A minor or major disability can sabotage your social life. The reason can be mental, physical, or a combination of both. Our workers will provide you with plenty of support in breaking out of your bubble. We will also aid you in meeting people and making friends & Family.

    Supported Independent Living

    If you prefer to live an independent life within the comfort of your house, you can have a caretaker look after you through our program. They will take care of your basic needs, health, jobs, etc., day-to-day.


    Short-Term Accommodation For You

    We can arrange accommodations if you prefer someone’s company. You will get a residence to live with other people you can identify with. A caretaker will be ever present to look after every resident as well. We are a properly licensed and approved NDIS service, and we will fund most of the expenses for you.

    Reach out to us today if you or someone you know in Parramatta are finding it hard to deal with the side effects of disability.